ThunderClan's cats are largely broader and more bulky than other Clans, as they tend to rely more on force and strength rather than swiftness or stealth. Their loyalty and pride in their Clan is heralded as the most passionate in the entire forest, and most cats would rather die in battle, fighting for ThunderClan, rather than retreat from a battle. 

Leader: Cloudstar: Though Cloudstar tries to make the best decisions for his Clan, and tries to be someone they can look up to, he is never satisfied in his decisions, instead trying to think of what he can build off of to do better next time. Though the large white tom may be down on himself, he always tries to find the good in everything, bringing hope in the darkest of times.


Deputy: Birchwhisker: As Deputy of ThunderClan, most cats would expect a vocal, flamboyant Deputy who is fiercely loyal. Birchwhisker, on the other hand, does not fit this description in the slightest. The tall brown and white tomcat is typically calm and quiet, though he is unwaveringly loyal to his Clan and would give his life for them.


Medicine Cat: Foxears: This slightly stubborn ginger tomcat is one of the stranger ones in ThunderClan. Though Foxears prefers to be alone, he does enjoy passing wisdom on to kits and apprentices alike, and will always treat the cats he has to to the best of his ability. He is happy-go-lucky, often just being grateful for who he is, and, though he is stubborn at times, he is not above listening to others. 





Brindlepaw -No mate- [She-Cat]





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The air is frosty, and cats can see their breath. The tang of the frozen air makes many kits and elders alike shiver, their noses tingling thanks to the frigid temperature.